Adventures in Curiosity

Curious types were in for a treat this July as Dublin’s Festival of Curiosity came to town. Promising playful days and curious nights, this exciting festival is a celebration of art, science technology and design.  Now in its fourth successful year, 2017’s festival had plenty of weird and wonderful experiences to pique your curiosity.

Relax and LEGO

Families were invited to explore the building blocks of coding using the ultimate building material – LEGO. This family workshop brought STEM to life, with children, parents and even grandparents getting in on the action by creating robots, control motors and sensors.

Electro Threads

Tech and fashion collided at Electro Threads, a future fashion event. The theme of illumination was explored as the brightest minds in Irish fashion teamed up with engineers and designers to create a catwalk filled with innovation.

Late Night at the Dead Zoo

Ireland’s Natural History museum is often referred to as a museum of a museum. Attached to the Irish parliament, this historic building is a treasure trove of curious objects. The museum harks back to an era when collectors stored their taxidermy treasures in cabinets of curiosity. Festival attendees got the chance to take a once-off, after-hours guided tour of the museum where some of its more curious specimens were discussed.

Sleepy City Tour

Early risers were treated to a different view of the city with guided morning walks through the city. Inspired by the Rolling Stones song Sleepy City where Mick Jagger sings about the different feeling a city gives you in the early morning, this event gave festival goers a chance to see Dublin in a totally new light.

Masterclass in Documentary

Fans of film had a whole host of interesting screenings and events to attend at this year’s festival. There was a special screening of the ground-breaking film, ‘Notes on Blindness’ with an interactive VR element. And Academy Award nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy gave a practical masterclass in independent documentary where he discussed the steps involved in taking an idea and turning it into a successful factual film.

Feeling Curious?

Curious about what this country has to offer someone like you? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve rounded up some stories from people who’ve moved here to work in tech to tell you what to expect from Ireland.