Getting Curious at the Festival of Curiosity

Inquisitive minds, rejoice! The Festival of Curiosity returned to Dublin this month, providing visitors with playful days and thrilling nights. This celebration of art, science and technology was jam-packed with interesting events that shook us out of the mundane and really sparked our curiosity. Now in its third year, it’s an exciting event that just keeps getting better. Here, we look back at some of this year’s highlights.

Rediscovering the City

Commuters were invited to uncover a different side of their morning commute with the Sleepy City walking tour. This early-morning guided walk took us through two of Dublin’s busiest thoroughfares, right before the city woke up, allowing us to get curious while everyone else was still hitting the snooze button.

The lush Botanic Gardens were the site of another excellent tour offering an exploration of biomimicry (an approach to innovation that mimics patterns in nature). Here, we discovered a whole host of nerdy knowledge about how plants have triggered the inspiration for inventions like Velcro and waterproof paint.

Spark Your Little One’s Curiosity

The festival had lots to keep kids entertained too. Budding explorers were captivated by Everest Lab; an interactive talk hosted by YouTuber Greg Foot. He discussed what happens when you push your body somewhere it’s not built for – in this case, the top of Mount Everest!

The award-winning artists Marco Zoppi and Rolanda were in town for a beautiful bubble experience too. The dynamic duo brought their magical bubble show to the National Concert Hall, where children and adults alike were treated to a spectacle of colourful bubbles in all shapes and sizes.

The annual ‘Curiosity Carnival’ was once again a hit for the whole family. Set in Smock Alley Theatre, there were hands-on workshops, adventures in electronics, interactive installations, crafty creatures and all manner of curious games on offer.

Keep the Curiosity Flowing

But it’s not just the children who got to have fun. Adults turned into big kids again at the ‘Playground of Sound,’ an interactive musical installation at Wolfe Tone Park. Here, the plants sang, and the see-saw, or ‘SEA-saw’, made the sounds of the ocean. In all, the perfect place to spend a sunny Sunday exploring.

Curious foodies meanwhile were treated to a ‘Supper Club for the Curious.’ Billed as ‘communal dining for the adventurous’, the event served up a carefully curated menu designed to surprise the senses.

Finally, we cast our eyes to the skies for a summer night of stargazing at the historic Dunsink Observatory.  The friendly crew from the Irish Astronomical Society had their telescopes set up on the lawn to catch a close-up of the moon. There were fascinating talks from astrologers, as well as poetry readings and music from a live band. Curious nights indeed.

There’s So Much Happening in Ireland

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