404 Goes Global

From interactive tech performances, a series of lightning talks and an after-party that included a Javascript DJ, 404 proved to be a huge success at its inaugural event in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin.

And hot on the heels of the news that 404, in partnership with Tech/Life Ireland, is set to bring its unique blend of learning, networking and fun to London, read on to get a taste of the very first event and see what’s in store when you head along to the next one.

The Ultimate Tech Meet-up

Shaped and developed by the tech community, it’s no surprise that 404 brought the best of meetup culture to the mainstage.

With a host of well-known speakers and connected attendees on hand, Jackie Slattery, co-founder of 404, reveals the inspiration behind the event: “We’ve been working on the well- established Career Zoo events for the last 7 years. And we realised there’s a need for a tech event that celebrated and promoted the tech community in Ireland – an event where experienced tech professionals could connect with their peers, find out what’s new and explore opportunities and collaborations, all under one roof – the Ultimate Tech Meetup.

“We reached out to Vicky Twomey Lee, who is a friend of ours and very influential in the tech community here. We sent out an open source document to some of the leading lights in the Irish tech community and they shared what they would like from an event like this. From the submission we received, we shortlisted this down to the line-up that featured.”

She adds: “We billed it as the ultimate tech meetup because we got the involvement of over 40 tech community groups. They all have their own individual meetups of course, but to have 40 tech meetup group organisers speaking at the event offered a fantastic opportunity for attendees to get the inside track on what the groups are about, and to see if they would like to join.

Connecting in Style

Along with getting a glimpse of the different meetup groups, tech experts and visiting speakers got the chance to connect – in a brand new way.

“You’re getting the inside line on a lot of new and current technologies during the day, and then everyone stays on for the after party,” she explains.

“When it came to networking, speakers, tech companies and attendees have their profiles on the app and you could check out all of their details there. Lots of people organised to meet up ahead of the event. And afterwards, everyone could download their connections using the web portal at the end of the day.”

Along with a fresh new approach to networking, entertainment across the weekend was provided by on-site installations such as IBM’s Hackable City, meditative game DEEP by Owen Harris and a unique blend of gaming and live music in Cello Fortress by Joost Van Dongen.

Get Ready for 404 London

At 404 Dublin, the official announcement was made that the next 404 event, in partnership with Tech/Life Ireland, will take place in London in February 2018. Jackie says: “We’re London-bound in February 2018 and the idea is to attract techies to live and work in Ireland.

“There are over 365,000 developers in the greater London area. In February, we will be working with Tech/Life Ireland to bring 404 to London to showcase the diversity and opportunity of Ireland’s tech eco system to tech professionals currently based there.”

“It’s an exciting and amazing opportunity for tech companies to showcase their career opportunities in Ireland, make direct hires and gain access to an invaluable pipeline of tech professionals open to working and living in Ireland”.

Interested in attending the next 404 event? Stay up to date with what’s coming up in February on our events page.