I/O Extended 2017 Event in Google Dublin

Couldn’t make it to California for this months I/O 2017 conference? No worries. GDG Dublin held a viewing party, beaming Sundar Pichai’s hotly anticipated keynote speech to a crowd of hundreds of developers and Google enthusiasts. We headed along to the I/O Extended event in Google’s swanky Dublin HQ to see what it’s all about.

On first impressions, the place was buzzing with developers who travelled from all over Ireland and beyond to attend the festival. The day got started early with tech talks, panels, workshops and demos happening from the afternoon, culminating with a party that kicked off after the Keynote Live Stream.

From practical workshops like Thomas Steiner’s: “Things you didn’t know about Progressive web apps!” to the hands-on Capture the Flag Hackathon, you could easily spend the day wandering from talk to talk – but there was plenty of idea swapping happening too with impromptu catch ups over coffee.

As for the main event? Well, it was worth the wait with a host of interesting announcements unveiled – most with a heavy AI/Machine Learning slant. “We are moving from a mobile first to an A.I. first world,” Pichai noted. “We are rethinking all our products and applying machine learning and A.I. to solve user problems.” And this development in Google’s thinking was certainly evident in the announcements.

Demonstrating Vision

One of the announcements that caused major excitement on the day was Google Lens – a new technology that uses the camera on your phone to visually search objects in the real world. Point your camera at your wireless router for example, and it will automatically read the password and connect you. Or point it at a flower and it will tell you what that flower is.

Machine Learning Replies

Machine Learning is getting more advanced with each passing year and after an initial testing period, Smart Reply is being rolled out to all Gmail accounts. Using this clever piece of Machine Learning technology, Google can predict how you might respond to an email and offer a selection of quick replies to choose from.

Head in the Clouds

Google are also re-thinking their computational architecture with AI and Machine Learning in mind, building AI first data centres and announcing the exciting next generation of TPUs. These Cloud TPUs are designed to accelerate machine learning and available for developers to access via the cloud.

Learning to Draw

On a more whimsical, experiential note, Google also announced Autodraw, a tool that helps you learn how to draw using AI. It pairs machine learning with existing artist’s drawings so you can draw things quickly and easily.

More Like This

After a hectic day, there was certainly plenty to mull over and lots to inspire at the I/O Extended Event. If you’re interested in all things Google, then check out the GDG Dublin meet-up. And you can find out more about tech meetups happening in Dublin on our events page.