Irish Tech: 2017 in Review

It’s been another fantastic year for the tech scene in Ireland and we’ve done our best to cover every corner of it here at Tech/Life Ireland. From taking in the hustle and bustle of a host of tech events (which seem to get bigger and better every year) to shining the spotlight on some of the many tech professionals who’ve chosen to make their home here, we hope we’ve given you a real insight into the diversity of life in this tech-obsessed country.

We’re looking forward to an even bigger and better 2018 and we’d love to have you join us as part of Ireland’s tech community. But first, here’s a look at some highlights from the past 12 months.

Always Something Happening

There’s always an event happening somewhere in Ireland’s thriving tech scene – and we covered plenty of them this year. In February, we took you behind the scenes of the city’s first Tech Summit which covered everything from the future of robotics to the emerging sex-tech industry.

Dublin’s Science Gallery is one of our favourite places in the city and they outdid themselves again this year with a host of exhibitions situated at the intersection of art and technology. Our personal favourite was Humans Need Not Apply, which looked at the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence from some very creative perspectives.

Another highlight was our interview with Janice Valentine from Hack Access Dublin, who explained how the event that brings together designers and innovators who and collaborate to make the city a more liveable place for people with disabilities. It was an emotional occasion for Janice, whose late bother suffered from muscular dystrophy. She told us: “It was almost emotional really, seeing everyone working together. To see that belief in it was really lovely.”

Finally, in November the inaugural Tech/Life Ireland/404 event was a fitting culmination to another year of exciting tech happenings all over Ireland. This exciting new event brought together a host of Dublin’s meetup groups to celebrate everything great about Irish and international tech. And we’re excited to say that Tech/Life Ireland/404 will be going on the road early next year for an even bigger event in London which will showcase the best of Ireland’s tech scene to an international audience.

Behind the Scenes of Ireland’s Tech Companies

It’s always exciting to get a look behind the scenes of some of Ireland’s most innovative tech companies and in April we had the privilege of visiting Accenture’s state-of-the-art global centre for innovation, The Dock, situated at the heart of the city’s silicon docks. Developer Parves told us: “The whole work environment is great, especially the way the latest technology is used and the way people think about solving real-life problems with the use of technology.”

While in October, we experienced a different way of working as we talked to Shopify about their innovative remote working system. Largely based in Galway, the commerce solutions giant has been operating a 100% remote workforce for four years, and provided us with an intriguing glimpse into the future ways of working in the tech industry.

And in November, games industry legend Brenda Romero told us about the history of her Galway-based company Romero Games and shared her optimism for the future of Ireland’s indigenous games industry. She explained: “Ireland has this long history of storytelling and creating really unique stories. To me, it’s not a question of if Ireland is going to hit it big game-wise, it’s a question of when.”

The People Behind the Tech

At Tech/Life Ireland it’s always been our mission to tell the human stories that power the tech scene in this country and in 2017 we heard from an even more diverse group of techies. From South African Martin, whose family were relishing Ireland’s green spaces to Christopher who swapped Krakow for Kerry and never looked back, we heard some great stories and got loads of excellent advice for techies thinking of making the move.

And in June, we were delighted to launch our Mammigration competition, which saw foreign-born techies from around the country competing to have their mother flown to Ireland for a special visit. A month later we caught up with our winner Cristina and her very pleased mother Angela in that quintessential Dublin location, St. Stephen’s Green for a particularly smiley photoshoot.

Now, Make Your Move

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