Cristina Brings Her Mother to Ireland

The sun is shining brightly when we meet up with the winner of our Mamigration competition, Cristina, in O’Callaghan’s Hotel in Dublin. Cristina’s mother Angela flew in from Madrid last night to spend the weekend getting to know her daughter’s new home. It’s Angela’s first visit to Ireland and on the morning we meet, she’s already been out exploring the city. She whips out her phone to show me some photos of St. Stephen’s Green, a beautiful historic park adjacent to the hotel. Angela explains: “It’s really got different architecture and landscape. It’s very different from Retiro in Madrid but I like it very much.” So far, so good.

First Impressions of Ireland

Angela is enjoying her visit to Ireland. One thing that’s surprised her is how calm Dublin seems in comparison to Madrid. She explains: “I think that Dublin is a really quiet city but maybe that’s because I haven’t seen the nightlife yet. But I like it very much. Madrid is noisier and more stressful, so I like the calm. The landscape is so green and the nature is as I was expecting, but I didn’t expect the city to be this calm and quiet.”

Her first impression of Irish people was that they’re very friendly, a trait shared with her native Spain. Angela notes: “The people are quite similar. I think Spanish and Irish people are quite friendly with people from abroad and I’ve found that if I needed

Moving to Ireland

Cristina has been living in Ireland for the last two years and works for Dell in Co. Cork. She originally moved to Ireland after her brother found a job here. Cristina explains: “My brother moved to Dublin first and found a job in Cork in Dell. We studied the same thing and he said he loved Cork and that it had a really good atmosphere and was great for improving your English. He asked me if I wanted to move too because they were opening new positions. So I tried, and now here I am!”

Cristina had always wanted to travel and saw the job as a great excuse to experience something new, she notes: “I moved to improve my English and I like travelling and experiencing new cultures so I thought that in Spain I could be doing the same but I would be learning less. Here I’m learning about the culture and the language too.”

Adjusting to the Change

It was tough for Angela to adjust to Cristina moving to Ireland: “We just have two children and my son came to Ireland first. So suddenly we were alone in Madrid, but it was good for the kids and at least they are both in the same place.”

As for Cristina, the move wasn’t too much trouble, she explains: “I think it was easier for me as I had my brother here. Also the company I work for helped me with accommodation for the first two weeks and I found everyone was very helpful. It’s the same in Dublin, but even in Cork there are so many people from abroad, so everyone helps because everyone’s been in the same situation before.”

Plan for the week

Cristina is looking forward to showing her Mam around her adopted country and has a jam-packed weekend planned, she says: “I’m trying to show her the most traditional things. We went already for the Irish breakfast.” Angela laughs: “It’s very big!”

Tomorrow they will visit the Cliffs of Moher which Cristina thinks her mam will love. And for evening entertainment, Cristina is keen to show Angela a traditional Irish pub. She says: “I also want to show her Irish traditional pubs with the music and this morning we’re taking a tour of Dublin. There are free walking tours through the city and they are in Spanish.”

Angela has already made her mind up about Ireland, she laughs: “If I spoke English, I would come here to live! In just one day! So, I like it very much.”

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