Maybe it’s the opportunities offered by our thriving tech industry. Maybe it’s our vibrant cities, coastline and culture, or an exceptional work/life balance that ensures you can enjoy it all.
Want to know what attracts the world’s tech talent to Ireland?
Browse below and see for yourself.

Companies who are hiring in Ireland
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  • Techies4TempleStreet
    Friday 07 July, 2017 |

    Techies4TempleStreet is a unique charity event bringing together the technology community and its partners to network and compete in an intellectually challenging treasure trail while making an impact to the…

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  • How to Prevent Big Disasters When Updating WordPress
    Thursday 01 June, 2017 | Bank of Ireland - Bank of Ireland, 1 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin, Ireland

    Your WordPress dashboard shows your theme and plugins require updating. Great! You click on that “Update now” button.... and a few seconds later your WordPress site shows a blank page…

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  • Alexa Devs Meet #7
    Tuesday 26 May, 1970 |