Maybe it’s the opportunities offered by our thriving tech industry. Maybe it’s our vibrant cities, coastline and culture, or an exceptional work/life balance that ensures you can enjoy it all.
Want to know what attracts the world’s tech talent to Ireland?
Browse below and see for yourself.

Companies who are hiring in Ireland
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  • Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community
    Thursday 18 May, 2017 | - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Templebar

    Last Thursday (21st January),'s newest Resident User Group, the Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community hosted their first monthly software craftsmanship evening open space to discuss technology, practices. Software practitioners from…

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  • ALT Futures Hackathon @ DLR Lexicon (5th/6th May)
    Saturday 24 January, 1970 | DLR Lexicon - 5th Floor Meeting Room - Dun Laoghaire

    Calling all hackers, technology enthusiasts and assisted living advocates to register and take part in the exciting Alt Futures Hackathon, looking to improve people's lives by developing new Assisted Living Technologies…

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  • [Limerick] Tidyverse Toolkit for R - Workshop
    Saturday 13 May, 2017 | Room C2062 - Main Building, University of Limerick

    Enter the main building by the main entrance (see below). Take the lift up to " Floor 2 ". We will leave signs to follow, so you can find the…

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