Cricket, Hurling and Technology: An Authentic Dublin Adventure

What was your first adventure after leaving home? For Parvez, it involved moving to Ireland from his home in India, to complete a Masters in Cloud Technology, before moving into a sought-after role with Accenture in their new state-of-the-art global centre for innovation, The Dock.

Is Hurling Derived from Cricket?

An impressive endeavour, Parvez says his first experience of Dublin set the tone for a suitably exciting and irreverent escapade.
“When I came to Ireland, I took a taxi from the airport to my house and the taxi driver was talking to me for the whole taxi ride about how cricket is derived from hurling!” he explains.
“So then I started watching some of the games but I find it a very tough game to figure out! There are a lot of rules and you need to know what’s going on. But I do enjoy watching all types of sports. And after coming here I realised that rugby is really popular. Even more than soccer. I’ve even ended up watching the match with a proper bunch of Irish rugby fans shouting, ‘Come on Ireland!’”

Team Work in Action

Part of the team in Accenture’s impressive new facility, The Dock, in the heart of Dublin’s Silicon Docks, Parvez puts his expertise to use as part of the DevOps team. Just one of a host of collaborative roles in the centre, it’s clear that it’s a good fit for Parvez.
“Part of my job is talking to people throughout the building and making sure they have the technology they need to do their job, so I really enjoy that! I get to meet a lot of people here and learn from them,” he explains.
“The whole work environment is great, especially the way the latest technology is used and the way people think about solving real life problems with the use of technology. The exposure everyone gets here in the office to new tech is really brilliant.”

Making the Move

Prompted to make the move to Ireland to study the area of cloud technology, Parvez has made the most of his time in Dublin. While studying, he even brushed up on his language skills in the tourist sector.

“I worked with some Irish people, met lots of people visiting and got to advise people on where to go and what to see in Dublin,” he explains. “Irish people have a beautiful sense of humour and really love having ‘the craic’ as they say! I love that.”

“After that, I worked in a company in CityWest and then this opportunity came up. The Dock  is all about innovative projects and having new ideas so I was really excited.”

A Brand-New Adventure

Originally from the south-west of India, Parvez has acclimatised to his new home (even developing a new appreciation for potatoes).
He says of his initial move: “I’m the youngest in the family and it was the first time I moved out of my house. Everyone was a little worried initially, wondering how I would cook for myself and manage by myself.”
“I had been there all my life except for the last two and a half years but it’s gone really well.
Yesterday it was snowing here and then it was sunny! Weather is always a talking point but I never complain about it. In India, it can be really extreme. There isn’t a pattern here or weather that will make your life difficult.”
He adds: “I would love to have my parents over some time and show them around the city and the wider country. I’ve been to some of the different counties and it’s really peaceful. People in Connemara for instance are so laid back, they take it easy. I know Dublin is a little more fast paced. It’s all really beautiful.”

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