Making Waves: Innovation & The Internet of Things

Taking the next step in your career is an exciting move. Add in joining a company that is innovating in the Internet of Things, and it’s the perfect recipe for kick-starting a new chapter in your career. Just ask Cyril. Part of the team in Decawave, the French native made the move to Ireland over a year ago. One of the company’s talented tech experts, Cyril joins Hang and Francesco in DecaWave’s city-centre offices. With the company focused on driving innovation in the Internet of Things by providing micro-location solutions for global brands, it’s a busy and progressive working environment.

Interesting Tech Challenges

A software engineer, Cyril feels that his role allows him to use tech in a particularly innovative way. He explains: “The chip that’s developed here is very innovative and good in what it does. The way I control it and make it work is similar to how I would have previously worked. But the way it’s used and the purpose it’s built for is really innovative.”

Along with Cyril, Francesco and Hang are part of the Dublin-based team. With a PhD in the area of micro-location, Hang made the move to Dublin last year and is relishing the chance to put her expertise to work.
She says: “My PhD work is also on the whole area of indoor-location, which is exactly what I work in now so I’m very lucky. We know that GPS does a really good job outside, but doesn’t work as well inside buildings so we’re working on creating a solution for those locations. At the very beginning, I worked on system testing, and right now I work on the system design and on improving performance. Our chip is doing really well now, so it’s great to see.”

Part of the analogue design team, Francesco searched for a new challenge before joining the company earlier this year. “I wanted to do something new and when I got the offer, I decided to come and sign the contract. It was a big Christmas present for me!” he says. “The RF design is something new for me, it’s different than what I was working on before so I’m really happy to learn.”

A Good Work/Life Balance

For the team in Decawave, Dublin offers a good work/life balance. While the day-to-day work is challenging, the pace of life means that the team can spend time with friends and family too.
With a new baby girl joining Cyril and his wife shortly after their move, he is very positive about raising a family in Dublin. “My wife is in a breastfeeding group and she’s met a lot of people through it. It’s organised by geographic area, so all the people she meets are based locally and it’s a good way to make friends. She’s happy, she really likes where we are, and we like the whole city,” he explains.
For Hang, Dublin’s multicultural foodie scene is the perfect way to unwind. She says: “My husband and I are both from China and we love to cook. I go to the Asian market in the city centre a lot and I was really happy to see that Asian food is really popular here. People really like spicy food!”

It’s a really good place to live. I’m happy here – you can find everything in Dublin.

Moving to Ireland

For anyone considering a move, Cyril is enthusiastic about the prospects for tech professionals here. He explains: “It’s a really nice country, so I would recommend for people to come. The people are really one of the strengths of the country because they are warm and helpful. And on the employment side, there are a lot of jobs available and companies here.”
While Francesco says that people should take a chance on Dublin. “I would recommend the place to everyone,” he says. “It’s a really good place to live. I’m happy here – you can find everything in Dublin.” Originally from Italy, he jokes: “I love the food here, you can find every kind of restaurant here. No Italian though. When you live in another country that’s not Italy, never go to an Italian place!”

Interested in a Tech Career in Ireland?

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