Test Yourself at Dublin’s New Meetup

What better way to test the reaction to a new meetup than to simply put it on and get the community involved? That’s just what new meetup group, Ministry of Testing have done.

Founded by Gus and Maria, the group kicked off their latest event at the Liquor Rooms this month and are busy planning creating a brand-new monthly meetup too.

Open to All Test Disciplines

With an all-inclusive view of the test landscape, Maria explains: “We’re both from a test background and the purpose of this community is we wanted to create something for the community and run by the community too. “

Gus adds; “We started running this last November so this is our fourth meetup. It’s quite new, but I’m surprised and happy to see it’s going quite well. We have two sponsors Harvey Nash and XenIT, and they are generous in helping us with snacks and sorting venues. I’ve been running the agile and lean meetup for the past few years too. It’s a lot of work but really rewarding. I’ve met a lot of people and also learned a lot.”

Put Your Skills to the Test

A fun and welcoming evening, guests on the night swapped learnings as guest, Ian Bright, shared his approach to navigating the city of Manchester using his testing expertise and skills while there to speak at the #TestBash conference.

Gus explains: “Myself and Maria spoke at the first event but now we want other people to get the chance to speak and talk about their work. So far we’ve received a lot of submissions from people about potential topics to talk about and they’ve been brilliant like tonight’s talk.”

Giving the community the spotlight is key to the group. Maria says: “One thing we are very clear on is that we’re very inclusive. We’re not dogmatic about having one style of testing. Myself and Gus lean towards the agile space but we’re really open to looking at the whole scope. It’s very much about everything that’s going on in the test community.”

Mark Your Calendar

With the next event set to kick off in Ding, there are plans in the pipeline to make the meetup a monthly occasion as well.

Gus reveals: “The next one will be at Ding.com and their team will present on how they moved from manual testing to automated testing. It’s about people’s experience and how different people solve problems.”

Just one of a host of meetup groups across Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Cork and the rest of the country, there is something to suit everyone’s skillset.

Maria notes: “One thing everyone is talking about is the availability of jobs and the quality of roles and companies that are coming here.”

Gus adds: “I’ve been here for 20 years and certainly in the last 5 years there has been real growth and opportunity. From that point of view, I would recommend to anyone to come to Dublin.”

Search for your next meetup event on our events page and find a date and group that suits you.