Getting to Grips with Ireland’s Dating Scene

You’ve made the leap: deciding to relocate to Ireland. What an exciting time to arrive! Vibrant tech hubs like Dublin, Cork and Limerick are full of restaurants, bars and cafés, while just further afield you’ll find the epic landscapes Ireland is famed for.

But what about romance? If you’re single and interested in dating, it can be hard to find your bearings in a new country. You haven’t yet built a close circle of friends who might introduce a potential partner, and you don’t know where you’re likely to meet people with the same interests and values.  Fear not though – we’ve put together some handy tips when it comes to dating in Ireland. Read on…

Online Dating

Dating apps are obviously a huge part of modern dating all around the world, and Ireland’s certainly no different. Set yourself up on whichever sites you prefer, and you’re bound to receive some matches!

Join a Club

However, if online dating doesn’t really appeal, there are lots of other ways to meet new people. One option is to take up a hobby and join a local club or class. If you’re sporty, this might mean running, cycling or park yoga. Hiking is particularly great, as you’ll get to chat to people as you explore Ireland’s exquisite beauty. Avid readers will meet like-minded folk at a book club, while drinks connoisseur should seek out local whiskey or wine-tasting evenings.  Whatever your interests, do some research online and drop along to a relevant gathering or club – at the very least, you’ll make some new friends.

Choose Your Bars

Bars are still great places to socialise and meet people – just be sure to opt for the right ones. If there’s overly loud music blaring, you’ll struggle to strike up conversations. That said, live singers, bands or traditional sessions can provide a fantastic atmosphere, and serve as perfect conversation starters! If you’re musically inclined, why not take along your guitar to one of the many open-mic nights?

Head West

Every year, Europe’s biggest singles festival takes place in Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. It’s always great fun, with live music, entertainment and dancing taking place all around this charming town. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet Willie Daly, Ireland’s only traditional matchmaker. Legend has it that if you touch his ‘lucky book’ with both hands, you’ll be married within six months!

Socialise with Your Colleagues

Those first few weeks and months in a new job can be overwhelming, as you’re bombarded with lots of new names and faces. Even if you’re feeling shy though, take the opportunity to socialise with your new colleagues. Tag rugby, after-work drinks and team bonding days will really help break the ice. While you may not end up finding romance within the workplace, you’ll widen your circle of acquaintances, and perhaps end up taking a shine to a friend of a friend!

Thinking of Moving to Ireland?  

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