August 2017 – PHPTestFest, and Mental Health in Software Development

When: Thursday 24 August, 2017

Where: Smartbox Group - 1 Joyce's Walk, Talbot St, Dublin 1

Note:: NEW VENUE THIS MONTH! Smartbox Group have kindly allowed us to use their space while Dogpatch Labs is being renovated. See the map for location, it’s not far from our usual spot! This month we have two talks – PHP Testfest – Becoming a core contributor to PHPThis talk is being given by Barry O Sullivan, Tech Lead for Dynamic Reservations. Ever wonder how PHP itself is tested? We use it day to day, but how do we know the language works as intended? Well, it turns out that its’s surprinsgly easy to do and we’re going to show you how to do it. In 20 minutes you’ll know how to find untested code, how to write a test, run it, and then submit your change as a PR to PHP-src. That’s right, you can become a core contributor to PHP! This talk is part of worldwide events called PHPTest that we’re taking part in, so this talk will give you the tools you need, and it will also prepare you for a day long event we’ll be hosting to get people finding and committing tests. If you want to give back to the PHP community but don’t know how, then this talk is for you. Mental Health and Software DevelopmentThis talk is from Mark Railton, Senior Developer for Transpoco. Mental health issues are something that affects a staggeringly high number of people in the software community yet are a topic rarely spoken about due to the stigmas associated with them. In this talk we will hear some of the things to look out for in others as well as in themselves, and how it could be affecting them and those around them. Mark draws on his personal experiences of imposter syndrome, depression and anxiety to highlight how these have had a profound impact on his development career. Mark will also be highlighting some of the amazing resources available through Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI) and showing how they can help with your own mental health as well as making your workplace somewhere that nurtures and supports mental wellness. Finally, we’ll also be equipped with some resources on where you can go to get help should you be suffering from mental health issues yourself. What if I’m hungry and thirsty? We’ve got you sorted! Thanks to our sponsors StatCounter (, (, Good Travel Software (, and BlueFin Payments ( we’ll have beer and pizza for you on the night. I wanna talk! Great! We’d love to hear from you. If you have a talk you would like to give, please get in touch, either on, via Twitter (@phpdublin) or email to [masked] . Doors open 6:45pm!