Build an App with JavaScript and HTML

When: Saturday 27 May, 2017

Where: Filmbase - Curved Street

(Ticketed event. Grab your ticket ) Hands-on practical experiment in building an actually useful web application. We will build a currency conversion service, while introducing ourselves into the realm of Modern JavaScript and Front-End development. The emphasis is on lean and minimalistic approach. We won’t start with configuring WebPack, rather than that we’ll just start building things. We’ll make best use of standard functionality provided by browsers, while avoiding frameworks like plague. Our focus will be on sound architecture, good programming practices, readability and extensibility. We aim to introduce the following concepts, technologies and APIs during the workshop: * UI components* Modern JavaScript with the help of TypeScript compiler* The power of native HTML: DOM selectors, Fetch, Local Storage, GeoLocation* Browser Polyfills* How to consume an API* Minimalistic build pipeline with gulp* Pragmatic Toolbelt: VSCode, Postman, Browser Developer Tools Who is this for? To enjoy the course, you should have some knowledge of web UI development. Ideally, you’re familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you’ve used some web frameworks and you’ve worked with REST and JSON. We don’t require that you’re an expert in any of these, but you should be able to read and understand the code as we write it during workshop. About the Speaker Tomasz Waraksa: Die-Hard Programmer. Originally from Poland, Tomasz has 20+ years professional experience in software development. Starting with 8-bit computers, he went all the way through IT revolution until now, yet somehow managed to remain sane 🙂 He has been working all over Europe as independent consultant, architect, developer, team coach and mentor on many projects for customers of all kinds – startups, medium-sized businesses and the ones like Bank of America, Qualcomm or MasterCard.

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