CQRS, React and Ranelagh

When: Tuesday 12 July, 2016

Where: The Taphouse - The Taphouse, Ranelagh

After a long break and a glorious week for Irish soccer, the Ruby Ireland roadshow returns, this time with an event in the heart of Ranelagh. The Tap House is the venue and Wattics are our kind sponsors!  The team at Wattics are keen users of Ruby and will deliver a delicious menu of talks worthy of any Ranelagh restaurant. CQRS Pattern in Ruby by Michele delle Vergini – CQRS is short for Command Query Responsibility Segregation. Michele will discuss what this means for your codebase and the advantages it can offer.  React on Rails by Thiago Nuic – It’s been suspiciously long since we had a Javascript related talk in Ruby Ireland. To solve this Thiago will discuss how React and Rails can be partnered together and compare the React approach with that of AngularJS. Why Ruby? by Antonio Ruzzelli – In this talk Antonio will outline the reasons why Wattics initially chose RoR as a backend language and framework and his online research to identify the pros and cons. Concluding with a summary of whether he is still happy with this decision after 3 years 🙂 Note: Doors open at 6:30pm. Thanks to Wattics for sponsoring the venue and the food.  And also thanks to JetBrains for the RubyMine IDE licence prizes. Minimum age limit to attend is 18 years.

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