Data Analytic’s Explained

When: Monday 06 February, 2017

Where: BOI Trinity College - trinity college

Following after a successful discussion on Data Driven Software, we continue with a series of events to outline the data driven industry to educate business people and entrepreneurs about the big data (and small data) world and what solutions are available.

This evening will be held in BOI trinity branch upstairs and will begin promptly at 6:30pm, mini bites and refreshments served. The focus will be on 4 core topics: Data Analytic’s Overview • Define your Objective – Why are you looking at analytics? • Understand Your Data Source – Where is the data located? • Prepare Your Data Analysis – Understand your data. • Report on Data Results – Visualisation and reporting of the data results. • Business Intelligence – Reacting to your data and improve your business. • Examples of Data Analytics across industries

Discussions will be led by data science professionals as part of the Data Innovation Systems project to bridge the knowledge gap between business professionals and technology.

See you all there!