Data Patterns – Profiling in Big Data and IoT

When: 20190115

Where: LexisNexis Risk Solutions - 80 Harcourt Street

Dan Camper, Sr. Architect in LexisNexis, is coming over from the US to present “Data Patterns – A Native Open Source Data Profiling Tool for HPCC Systems ®”. After an introduction about what data profiling is, he’ll give an example of how you can build a tool that can inspect any kind of dataset for data discovery. He’ll show how certain data items behave in the real world, so that we can interrogate the usual suspects and produce some insights. He’ll also talk about different opportunities for processing data in the world of IoT, like connected homes, and how we can correlate their data for example with “tweets” or other geo-located information. We’ll host it in our office. Get into the building, take the stairs on the left to the first floor, and then the door on the right. Doors open at 6pm. Talk will start at 6.30pm sharp (main door entrance closes by this time). There will be time for networking afterwards. Beer, pizza and coffee will be provided. The HPCC team.

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