Don’t confuse motion with progress with Marco Foley!

When: Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Where: Harvey Nash Ireland - Mount Street Lower

“I continuously see companies losing their focus and clarity on what they are trying to achieve. They become entangled with tasks and fail to make progress. In doing so, project teams, workplaces and the environment become plagued with stress, tension and unhappy workers. Companies see severe impacts on cost and schedules & tend never to address or notice a recurring theme. As a leader, you are responsible for the guidance of your people and striving to meet the goals of the company, shaping a future instead of reacting to it. Join me as I dive into some of the experiences & how simple but brave choices could save a world of pain.” Marco Foley Marco is an individual passionate about performance and people. He studied information systems in Trinity College as a part-time degree. Marco has worked with Deloitte, SunGard and SQS, and currently, work as Aer Lingus.