Dublin Android Developer Meetup

When: Wednesday 15 March, 2017

Where: Zendesk - One Grand Parade, Dublin 6

Hit em’ with another Android Developer meetup, hosted again in the Zendesk offices, with pizza, beer and snacks to go around!  In no particular order, we’ll have: Brendan Fahy (Zendesk) – Fun (or lack thereof) with GoogleApiClient Google knows lots of things. Lots of things about lots of things; about your phone, about you, about locations and maps and stuff. If you’d like your Android app to know some of these things too, you need to use the GoogleApiClient class to get there. This can be a lot of “fun”, for some rarer values of “fun”. Brendan will talk about all this and be inspiring. Sebastian Chlan (Zendesk) – “Fun With Kotlin” An introduction to Kotlin by the handsome Sebastian ChlanHe puts this on everything. Elliot Tormey (Tapadoo) – “Sputnik – A Gradle Plugin Through Kotlin” ‘The Elliot Tormey Gradle plugin for developers that can’t version good and want to do some proguard things too’ :blue_steel: App Showcases: Kev Murphy (Tapadoo) – “Android Alerter | An Open Source Library” Kev will talk about Android Alerter by Tapadoo, how it works, when to use it and things to take into consideration when opensourcing. Featured/showcase apps are aimed at supporting local development. We’d love to see local startups, personal projects and the like showing us what they they’ve got.  Note: Doors open at 6pm, talks start at 6:30pm. Press the “Zendesk Meetups” button when you arrive, and someone will let you in. If you arrive after 6:30pm, there will be no one to let you in, so make sure to arrive before then.