Dublin Java User Group

When: Wednesday 14 June, 2017

Where: TechMeetup.space - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Templebar

Presenting Machine Learning – Overview / Algorithm / Models / Production by Melanie Warrick, Senior Developer Advocate at Google PLEASE CHECK REGISTRATION DETAILS BELOW

This month, for the first time, we are incredibly privileged to welcome Google’s Melanie Warrick @nyghtowl About Melanie Melanie Warrick is a Senior Developer Advocate at Google. Previous experience includes work as a founding engineer on Deeplearning4J as well as implementing machine learning in production at Change.org. Prior experience also covers business consulting and large enterprise technology implementations for a wide variety of companies. Over the last couple years, she’s spoken at many conferences about artificial intelligence, and her passions are working on machine learning problems at scale. Melanie Warrick Linkedin nyghtowl on Github Machine Learning – Overview / Algorithm / Models / Production Machine learning (ML) has gained significant attention because of its impact from advancements in areas like automated medical diagnosis to unique product interactions and advertising for individual users. At its core, it’s a set of algorithms used for pattern matching and prediction, and it plays a prominent role in AI development. In this talk, I will provide an overview of ML, share an example algorithm and talk about how you would train the model as well as put it in production.

REGISTRATION – READ CAREFULLY 🙂 Meetups in TechMeeetp.Space are designed to enhance the technical knowledge of attendees, and due to the overwhelming demand to attend our events they are always full. PLEASE NOTE – Tickets are available only through our Ti.to page – click to get yours. . The Dublin Java User Group – Sponsor Messages GuruTeam’s ‘crème de la crème’ instructors deliver an enthusing and valuable learning experience, equipping attendees with the vital skills applicable to their careers, and bringing true business value to organisations they work with. Some places are subsidised by Skillnets. Check out upcoming course details here** . Stackand.Co enrich the professional lives of Java / Scala software professionals – with over 20 years experience in the Irish ICT market, they have helped many great people elevate their careers. Perhaps they can do the same for you working with companies like this one? Website: Stackand.Co . Equifax Technology Ireland is the Research and Development arm of global credit scoring organisation Equifax – it has recently opened a technology centre in the Bloodstone Building, Dublin 2. Now looking for developers! Website: Equifax.com . Sonorplex add the edge to event attendance with their innovative ‘Mark and Review’ video platform. Download the Sonorplex app on your smartphone, attend DubJUG, and click points of interest in realtime. Your own personal ‘marked’ copy will be available for reviewing within hours, allowing you to relive the presentations again and again! Website: Sonorplex.com . tcube provides city-centre co-working / hotdesks and fully serviced office space for ICT professionals and companies specifically. Their community knits so well together remote workers, contractors, city visitors and entrepreneurs / startups immediately become a part of a network of like-minded people who are able and willing to help one another. Offices in Fleet Street, Trinity Street and Grafton Street provide great locations with a huge benefit when it comes to hiring and retaining millennials. Website: tcubedublin.com

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