Dublin Java User Group – April 2017

When: Thursday 27 April, 2017

Where: TechMeetup.space - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Templebar

The Dublin Java User Group are privileged to welcome…. Martijn Verburg / jClarity Presenting The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Performance Tuning and Hotspot Garbage Collection Tuning Guide This month, for the first time, we’re welcoming  London-based Java Champion Martin Verburg (@Karianna)   Martijn Verburg is the CEO and co-founder of jClarity, a Machine Learning based Java/JVM performance analysis company, and is the co-leader of the London Java User Group. He also leads the global Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK efforts to enable the community to contribute to Java standards and OpenJDK. He was recently made a Java Champion in recognition for his contribution to the Java ecosystem. Martijn is the co-author of Manning publication The Well-Grounded Java Developer on Java 7, Polyglot Programming on the JVM and modern software development techniques. Martijn also acts as a community lead for the PCGen and Ikasan open source projects, moderates at the Javaranch and can be found answering thorny questions on the programmers stack exchange sub-site. Martijn is a popular speaker at major conferences (JavaOne, JFokus, OSCON, Devoxx etc) where he is known for challenging the industry status quo as “the Diabolical Developer”. We are very incredibly privileged to welcome Martijn to meet members of the Dublin Java User Group. The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Performance Tuning The Diabolical Developer shows you the steps to take when you get a call at 3:00am saying that your Java / JVM application is too slow. He introduces the Performance Diagnostic Methodology (PDM) which focuses on how to quickly hone into the root cause of a bottleneck and what steps you can take to fix it.  After this session you should only have to take hours, instead of days or weeks to pinpoint performance issues in your apps. Hotspot Garbage Collection Tuning Guide With Java being pushed into small (Raspberry Pi’s etc) and large (1TB heaps!) form factors, GC tuning has once more become an important skill! To ensure that your JVMs don’t excessively pause or use up more space than necessary, you’ll need to do some GC tuning.  Unfortunately, GC tuning is a bit of a dark art with multiple types of collectors, JVM sizings and varying end user performance requirements to deal with. In this session Martijn will take you through common tuning scenarios so you can solve the most common memory issues without resorting to random config from StackOverflow. Doors open 18:15 / Last Entry 18:55 / Presentation Starts 19:00 REGISTRATION – READ CAREFULLY Meetups in TechMeeetp.Space are designed to enhance the technical knowledge of attendees, and due to the overwhelming demand to attend our events they are always full. PLEASE NOTE – due to the number of people who reserve seats here on Meetup and then do not show up, entry will only be guaranteed by registering on our OFFICIAL PAGE (click).

Pizza and Beers by Stackand.Co – Enhancing Careers. Stackand.Co has been proud to support the Dublin Java User Group. I’ve helped some great people elevate their careers throughout the years, and perhaps we can do the same for you working with companies like this one? I look forward to seeing you in TechMeetup.Space soon. Gerry Nolan / [masked]