Dublin Java User Group

When: Thursday 11 August, 2016

Where: TechMeetup.space - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Templebar

Robustness Testing OTTO’s High Traffic E-Commerce Site with Software Architect Mirko Ebert (Doors 18:15 and Presentation at 19:00)

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The year is 1949 and the city is Hamburg, Germany. A small catalogue company is founded. 50 years later, with the internet revolutionalising retail shopping, it transforms into an E-Commerce company. Today OTTO employs over 600 employees and has annual sales revenue exceeding €2 billion. At the Dublin Java User Group’s August meetup, we’re pleased to welcome OTTO software architect Mirko Ebert to the stage at TechMeetup.Space. Session 1 – Robustness Testing with Brigade of Monkeys Mirko Ebert (@mirkoebert) After some years with a commercial product, OTTO decided to develop their own E-Commerce shop. As one outcome of this early shop, the software design team recognized that non-functional requirements are internal quality factors of the Scala / Clojure / Java based software. The new version of the robustness test framework Brigade of Monkeys (BoM2) is an example of polyglot programming. It uses, for example BASH, R, Ant, JavaScript, Python. The new version of BoM2 is Open Source and under heavy development. In Mirko’s session, he will show how OTTO tests, and measure loads, performance and robustness of the new shop. Especially, the focus is on robustness testing. About Mirko Mirko Ebert was born and raised in East Germany behind the iron curtain. He is proud to say he is a Java native, starting with Java 1.0. After his diploma of computer science, he worked for 8 years as a scientist at Fraunhofer Society in many international projects, before progressing as head of IT in a German IT startup. For the last 3 years, he is has been freelancing as an IT consultant, namely with OTTO. He is also the co-founder of the Rostock Java User Group in Germany. He blogs under http://programming-2.blogspot.de. A Message from Our Beer and Pizza Sponsor Stackand.Co X-Train from Java to Scala – Interviews taking place in early August so check a ‘brief’ here now and then call me, Gerry Nolan, on +353 [masked] for full company details.

Session 2 – The Internet of Things – Java 8’s Best Friend The Internet of Things is an evolution of the Internet. It interconnects not only human and computer as before but also physical objects (things). The Internet of Things and Java 8 are a great team. In his second presentation, Mirko introduces the topic and to talk about basics of Tinkerforge elements and the Java API which is necessary for Tinkerforge programming. He will show different types of sensors and subsequently start hands-on experiments. Attendees will be encouraged to participate so make sure you have your laptop at the ready. . WHY YOU SHOULD COME TO DUBJUG We present the content our community truly want and need. The personal insights to cutting edge technology gained at our meetups will not only enhance your knowledge, but also lead you to employment opportunities and career satisfaction. This one will be no exception! If you are working in the eCommerce, high availability space, this is a session that will enhance your knowledge of Robustness Testing from one of the most highly respected engineers in Germany. BEFORE BOOKING DubJUG events are always over-subscribed and therefore attendance to the events is “Strictly by Registration”.


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