Dublin microservices March; Sean Farmar

When: Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Where: Gilt Groupe Dublin - Crampton Avenue

Dublin microservices Meetup – March 2018. Guest Speakers:Sean Farmar, Particular Software: How can Monitoring Save your Bacon. ——————————————————————– Guest details:Sean Farmar@farmarseanfarmar.com Title: How can monitoring save your bacon. We usually think of monitoring as something the Operations team will take care of, and in a monolith system that might be enough. However, when it comes to distributed systems and microservices we need to reconsider thatapproach as these systems are built to fail. As we build reliable distributed systems, our system may show up as running, but in reality maynot functioning Let’s talk about how we can do a better job at keeping the light on and our systems running andfunctioning… Length: 50 minutes Questions: (optional) 10/15 minutes Practicalities Presentation from a mac laptop is preferred, but not necessary.I have VGA and HDMI adapters.

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