Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community

When: Thursday 18 August, 2016

Where: TechMeetup.space - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Templebar

The next Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community event takes place on Thursday 18th February. If you’re using some new technology you think others would be interested in, if you’ve got a design or some code you’d like to discuss or have been battling with, if you’d like to discuss a specific practice, a problem you are having at work or you’d simply like to see what others have got to say, the Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community invite you to come along and join in the debate. How does it work? The first 15 minutes will be devoted to lightning talks. So if you’ve got a cool demo, some new technology or just something you think the group might find interesting, controversial or just plain funny, bring it along and share with the group! Message one of the organisers if you are interested in giving a talk. Don’t worry if you’ve never given a lightning talk before – this is a great opportunity to give a talk in a friendly environment.

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