February C/C++ Meetup

When: Monday 06 February, 2017

Where: Arista Networks - 4th floor, 2 Georges Dock, IFSC

Hello everyone, Our next meetup will be sponsored by Arista Networks in their Dublin office. We will have the following talks: 1. “Vectorial processing, Boost.SIMD and compiler autovectorisation” by André Tupinambá (45 min) 2. “ldbox: a lightweight virtualisation environment for cross-compilation and building packages” by Oleg Girko Abstract: ldbox is a lightweight virtualisation environment for cross-compilation. It allows to transparently build and package software for Linux distributions and architectures different than the one on a host system. ldbox is lightweight and simple to use. It requires no additional permissions besides those that a regular user already has to setup build environment and run commands inside it. ldbox doesn’t use any system virtualisation and isolation capabilities (not even chroot). Instead, it preloads a shared library that modifies arguments to many functions in glibc, the standard C library. As a result, a program running under ldbox’s control sees a virtual filesystem view according to configurable rules. Also, these rules control how new programs are started. For example, a program for foreign architecture can be started inside an emulator (like qemu), and cross-compiler started instead of native compiler for foreign architecture. ldbox is a fork of Scratchbox 2 (sb2). This event will be as informal as possible and we’ll have some pizza and beer to help everyone enjoy the evening and socialise. Please feel free to interrupt the speakers if you have any questions. Thanks Arista for offering to host us!

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