Graph Databases. Just hype, or the end of the relational world

When: Thursday 07 December, 2017

Where: Bank of Ireland - Hamilton Building, The University of Dublin Trinity College, College Street

Graph Databases – Just hype, or the end of the relational world ? – Albert Godfrind, Spatial and Graph Expert – Oracle EMEA

Modeling information as graphs is a natural and intuitive way for understanding complex relationships such as social networks or financial connections (Panama Papers). Graph databases abstract those relationships as nodes and links. They enable new powerful analytics using built-in graph algorithms and the PGQL language. Since 2015 Oracle offers a graph database with Oracle Spatial and Graph. The graphs can be stored in Oracle NoSQL, Apache HBase or an Oracle Database. The analytics are performed by an in-memory engine for optimal performance.  In this paper we explain the fundamentals of property graph databases and highlight use cases where property graph implementations are superior to relational technologies. Besides looking into the architecture and query language, we show which kinds of applications can benefit from specific algorithms. We cover the conversion of relational tables to graph structures, as well as the visualization of property graph data using commercial and open source tools. And finally, we will look into a series of benchmarks based on typical datasets which have been conducted against similar technologies. Bio: The session will be covered by Albert Godfrind  from Oracle Corporation. Albert has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying IT applications. His interest and enthusiasm for spatial information and geographical information systems started at Oracle when he started using the spatial extensions of the Oracle database in 1998. Ever since, Albert has been evangelizing the use of spatial information to GIS and BI communities across Europe, consulting with partners and customers, speaking at conferences, and designing and delivering in-depth technical training. Albert is one of the authors of the first book on Oracle Spatial, “Pro Oracle Spatial – The essential guide to developing spatially enabled business applications”