Integration of R and Python with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau

When: Monday 26 September, 2016


Peter Brennan has kindly agreed to do a talk on the Integration of R & Python with Power BI and Tableau.   “R and Python have become two of the de facto standards for data analysis, due to their ease of use, broad scope and their ubiquity throughout the data science community and integration in tools. The aim of the talk is to show how to integrate R and Python with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. Tableau and Power BI can be enhanced through the use of R and Python to: • 1. Provision Micro-ETL scripts to provide ad-hoc datasets for analysis (Python and Tableau). • 2. Provision processed data-sets for visualization (R and Power BI). • 3. Integration of non-standard visualizations (Python and Tableau).The talk will aim to show how to not only integrate R and Python with these BI tools, but also to expand their capabilities with statistics and machine learning.”