Intel Code Modernization Workshop Dublin (Free 2 day Workshop)

When: Monday 12 June, 2017

Where: Spencer Hotel - Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1

PLEASE RSVP HERE: The workshop is intended to help software developers create, modernize and tune parallel code to run with highest performance on Intel’s latest processors, including Intel® Xeon and Intel® Xeon Phi (aka Knights Landing, KNL). Focus of the first day will be the optimization techniques and one the second day you’ll learn about practical Machine Learning and Deep Learning on Intel platforms. We will present and discuss in detail how to develop, optimize and modernization code using the full spectrum of Intel® Xeon Phi’s features and capabilities, whether you are programming in C/C++, Python or Fortran. Applications range from general High Performance Computing, Numerical Simulation to Analytics and Machine Learning. Besides learning from experts during in depth technical sessions and real world case studies, you will also meet and network with your peers from the industry and with software development experts and leaders from Intel.