Let’s build webVR! Workshop. Hands-on tutorial for creating VR and AR on the web

When: Thursday 01 February, 2018

Where: Costa Coffee - 1 Dawson Street

• What we’ll doHey everyone! We will be running a free workshop on how to get started building applications for webVR and webAR. We will be programming in Javascript and deploying to a webserver. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED/ ENTHUSIASM ESSENTIAL/ CAFFEINATION IDEAL. Please bring your own laptop, fully charged! Download free tools to be prepared: (a)An FTP tool: Filezilla, MobaXterm, WinSCP etc. (b)THREEjs : https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/archive/master.zip (c)A-Frame: https://github.com/aframevr/aframe/ (d)A text editor: Notepad++, Atom etc. We will have a web server to deploy your web applications—————————————- The free workshop will cover as much as we can from the following: A. WebVR, Three.js and A-FrameB. Device Orientation Controls (general Android/ iOS)C. DaydreamD. GearVRE. ViveF. RiftG. multi-player/ collaboration (Socket.io)H. Vive puck trackersI. 3rd party bluetooth gamepadsJ. Access camera view through the web browserK. AR.js fiducial marker trackingL. AR.js SLAM tracking for Samsung Galaxy S8 (ARcore) and iPhone (ARkit)M. QR code triggerN. physics (cannon.js)O. positional audioP. photogrammetry/ scanning real objects into VR. • What to bringLaptop needed. Nice to have:1. smartphone or tablet2. GearVR/ Google Daydream/ Google Cardboard/ mobile VR viewer3. Samsung Galaxy S8/ Apple iPhone 6s or newer/ newish iPad4. any AR glasses or all-in-one VR headset5. VR-capable laptop6. 3rd-party bluetooth gamepad See you there! xoxo Ayush, Francesco and Jack