[Limerick] Tidyverse Toolkit for R – Workshop

When: Saturday 13 May, 2017

Where: Room C2062 - Main Building, University of Limerick

Enter the main building by the main entrance (see below). Take the lift up to ” Floor 2 “. We will leave signs to follow, so you can find the room. (The room is located at the top right of this picture, with the window obscured by the top of that tree) We will be use Azure notebooks for this workshop. No other installation is required. Just create an account at notebooks.azure.com. The class will officially start at 10:30. For the first half hour, we will be preparing everyone. Please try to get set up as soon as possible.  Parking Parking should be no problem at the weekend. As a suggestion, park near the UL Pavllion, so you know where we are getting our lunch. Getting there by Bus The campus is served by Bus Eireann and Dublin Coach. The local routes are the 304 and 304A (BE) and 307 and 308 (DC). Catering There is littler or no catering on the South campus at the weekend. On the North Campus, The Pavilion should be open from 10am. You should be able to get coffee and buns there. There is a Spar and a Delish Cafe outside the main entrance.

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