Machine Learning Launch

When: Wednesday 15 February, 2017


The demand for machine learning is booming!  Calling all IT executives, data scientists, Chief Data Officers, data architects and other data geeks.  Join us on February 15th from 2:00-5:30 pm ET via livestream  (replay available starting February 16th) , and discover how machine learning is fundamentally changing the way we work and live.  Hear about cognitive applications that anticipate behavior and learn from data without being explicitly programmed. You’ll learn about the latest breakthrough developments on machine learning as well as Spark, data and analytics. Mike Gualtieri, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester, will present his view on how to best leverage technologies such as big data, predictive analytics, Hadoop/Spark, machine learning, data science, and AI.  Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics will host an agenda which will include guest speakers and cover the following topics: •  Machine Learning Overview •  Top Trends in Machine Learning & Cognitive Applications •  Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning for the Enterprise •  Live Product Demonstration & Client Roundtable on Machine Learning •  Data Innovation with Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing •  Spark & Machine Learning for Enterprise Systems For additional details and to REGISTER, please visit MACHINE LEARNING. Register NOW and we’ll send you a reminder!