March Katas @ Zendesk

When: 20180320

Where: Zendesk - One Grand Parade, Dublin 6

What we’ll do We’ll be doing some code katas this month! Schedule 18.30 Welcome and form groups19.00 We pair program on the kata20.15 Share our solutions So what are katas again? Functional Katas are a fun way to practise coding, explore new programming languages and paradigms, whether you’re new to functional programming or have a lot of experience. We choose a simple problem to work on, then form groups to pair program on a solution for about an hour. Each group chooses a programming language that they want to work in. At the end, groups show their solutions for fun and (non-)profit. Laughs are had. This all sounds wonderful, you interject, but I’ve never been to a Functional Kubs meetup/am a beginner in programming/have never used a functional language before, should I come? A-bso-lu-tely! The goal of the katas is not to show you’re the best 1337 programmer around. It’s to have fun, and discover new programming languages and paradigms together. We try hard to make this meetup a welcoming place for everyone regardless of who you are and your programming level. I’d like to explore Haskell / Elm / Elixir, but not sure where to start? Just give us a shout when we start pairing up people. If you’re interested in let’s say learning Haskell and solving the problem with it, we’ll pair you up with someone who’d be comfortable with that. I’m all in! Where and how? We’ll meet at Zendesk’s office in Dublin. Food and drinks will be provided. We’re going to write code, so don’t forget to bring a laptop! Doors open at 18.30, we’ll get started at around 19.00. • What to bringYour Laptop, your open mind and a brief understanding of monads (just kidding) • Find usOn Twitter: Slack: – #functional-kubs • What to bringYour laptop and your thinking cap • Important to know