May C/C++ Meetup

When: 20190513

Where: Tenable - 81A Campshires, Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Hello Everyone, Our next meetup will be sponsored by Tenable ( in their new Dublin office. Our aim is to continue delivering high quality technical content, so get ready for another CPPDUG Monday evening, where we’ll have the following talk: 1. “Extending clang-tidy in the Present and in the Future” by Stephen Kelly (85 min) Abstract:In the last few years, Clang has opened up new possibilities in C++ tooling for the masses. Tools such as clang-tidy and clazy offer ready-to-use source-to-source transformations. Available transformations can be used to modernize (use newer C++ language features), improve readability (remove redundant constructs), or improve adherence to the C++ Core Guidelines. However, when special needs arise, maintainers of large codebases need to learn some of the Clang APIs to create their own porting aids. The Clang APIs necessarily form a more-exact picture of the structure of C++ code than most developers keep in their heads, and bridging the conceptual gap can be a daunting task. Tooling supplied with clang-tidy, such as clang-query, are indispensablein the discovery of the Clang AST. This talk will show recent and future features in Clang tooling, as well as Tips, Tricks and Traps encountered on the journey to quality refactoring tools. The audience will see how mechanical refactoring in a large codebase can become easy, given the right tools. —- Stephen Kelly has many years of experience in Free Software and open source with significant contributions to KDE, CMake, and Qt over many years. More recently he has been contributing to Clang Tooling APIs, adding new features to clang-tidy and clang-query as well as third-party tools. —- This event will be as informal as possible and we’ll have some pizza and drinks to help everyone enjoy the evening and socialise. Please feel free to interrupt the speakers if you have any questions. Our meetups are open to everyone and we welcome and support diversity. Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated and we will investigate any reports of such activities and take any action required to prevent them from recurring. Our code of conduct is available here and we encourage anyone to share any concerns with the organisers.

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