Meet QPQ – Ireland’s most exciting DLT fintech startup

When: Saturday 24 January, 1970

Where: WeWork Iveagh Court - Charlemont Street

If you’re interested in learning about how Distributed Ledger Technology / Blockchain can be used to automate low-value processes, you don’t want to miss this MeetUp! QPQ are an Irish based but internationally staffed fintech & regtech start up bringing a unique set of technologies to market that will enable any organisation of any size, in any industry, anywhere in the world, to remove all transactional administration from their costs. Entrenched inefficiencies, lack of access to finance, inequalities accessing markets, high finance costs for those who need it most, artificial barriers to entry, closed clubs. These and more are the challenges that face businesses today, large and small, local and global. With three patents already filed that enable any operative document – legislation, contracts – to be faithfully converted to operative and legally binding code – QPQ are leading the way in providing the means to govern a fully digital business environment. Governance of digital processes is the real key to the start of the digital revolution: be sure to join us and find out more!