Memory Logging: Reasons, Insights & Applications

When: Thursday 09 February, 2017

Where: zalando - 3 grand canal quay, Dublin 2

Hello Lifeloggers, Lifehackers and QS enthusiasts! The main focus of Lifelogging was and still about memory. This Meetup will be devoted to discuss why we want to log our memories, how can we do that, and how can we build applications that take benefits from the logged memories. We will have two very interesting presentations followed by networking event and pizzas. Thanks to Zalando for the support of this Meetup! Speakers • Morris Villarroel: Morris is a Canadian biologist, now working as a professor at the Technical University of Madrid (Spain), where he teaches animal physiology and animal welfare at the School of Agricultural Engineering. He normally carries out research on animal behaviour, but since 2010, has also been logging and analysing is own daily activities. He started a blog in 2015 where he writes about his findings (  Morris’s talk will be about what he has learned about his memory, after logging most of the events that happen to him, manually, in a log book over the past 7 years and, automatically, using a life-logging camera over the past two and a half years. • Keith Farrell: Keith is a graphic designer and Lifelogging enthusiast. He is interested in the visualisation and organisation of memory events. Keith will be presenting an app he is developing with his friends about childhood memory logging. He will explain their vision about how this idea can help people to memories and visualise their experience as it was during their childhood. Looking forward to see you soon,Rami Albatal & Cathal Gurrin