Nov 29th Meetup: Identity & Access Controls, WebAssembly + the NodeConf EU badge

When: Thursday 29 November, 2018

Where: Clarendon House - 34-37 Clarendon St

Welcome to Novembers meetup! We’re in Shutterstock this month, 2nd Floor, Clarendon House, 34-37 Clarendon St, Dublin 2,D02 DE61, Dublin. We’re delighted to welcome David Gonzalez, Dan Callahan and Conor O’Neill. **Any late arrivals on the night just call Sean: [masked] to open the door. Pizza will be arriving at 7 pm before the talks, get in early! :)** First Speaker:David Gonzalez: David (@dagonzago) likes building stuff. Mainly software stuff. He has spent half of his life playing with money and computers around fintech learning from the pain points of a growing company. He loves food (who doesn’t?) and cycling as much as walking with his dogs on the beach. He is also the author of three books. Talk Title:Identity and Access Controls in Distributed Node.js Systems Talk Intro:Have you ever spent weeks writing your user management system? In this talk David Gonzalez is going to show us how to use Keycloak to avoid falling into the common pitfalls of Auth flows by leveraging standards Second Speaker:Dan Callahan: Dan (@callahad) is a Developer Advocate at Mozilla, where he works to ensure that the future of the Web is driven by the needs of real-world developers. He also educates developers about emerging technologies that are transforming the Web into a more capable, resilient, and interactive medium. Talk Title:Extending JavaScript with WebAssembly Talk Intro:WebAssembly fundamentally transformed the JavaScript ecosystem, but the ramifications of that change are only now becoming apparent. This talk will introduce WebAssembly, discuss what it means for the Node community, and demonstrate how you can get started with WebAssembly using the Rust programming language. Third Speaker:Conor O’Neill: Conor (@conoro) is Chief Product Officer at NearForm and Chief Badge Maker Extraordinaire for NodeConf EU! You’ll also find Conor tinkering away with all sorts of hardware in his spare time. Talk title:All the details of the NodeConf EU Bluetooth badge and its Azure back-end Talk Intro:What happens when 300 people wearing Bluetooth-powered badges at a conference stream 1.2 million messages to Azure over 4 days? Learn how we built this low-cost system using Espruino, 20 Raspberry Pis and Azure IOT Hub. Address: 2nd Floor, Clarendon House, 34-37 Clarendon St, Dublin 2,D02 DE61 Agenda: 18:30 – Doors Open / Networking / Grab a Drink 19:00 – Grab some pizza, have a chat before our talks begin. Intro to Speaker & Sponsors with Sean Walsh, NearForm 19:15 – GUEST SPEAKER Dan Callahan 19:55 – Q&A available to the speaker 20:00 – GUEST SPEAKER David Gonzalez 20:25 – Q&A available 20:30 – GUEST SPEAKER Conor O’Neill 9:00 – Q&A available 9:05 – Finish Hope to see you all there and as always, we’ll have free pizza & beer! 🙂 Be sure to follow us on Twitter ( & Facebook ( updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel ( to watch all our guest speakers! Any member who would like to submit a talk for an upcoming meetup, please chat to any of the organisers on the night or email [masked] or [masked].