November Dublin Scala Meetup

When: Tuesday 27 November, 2018

Where: Zalando Ireland Ltd. - Zalando Ireland Ltd. 3 Grand Canal Quay Dublin 2, D02 WC65

We’ll be hosted in Zalando for our November meetup. Agenda (approx.):6:30pm Beers & Pizza7:00pm 1st talk (Peter Barron) + Q&A7:30pm 2nd talk (Jakub) + Q&A # Building a Kubernetes Operator with ScalaBuilding on what Dave O’Riordan presented at the September meetup, we look at how to build a Kubernetes Operator using Skuber and Akka Streams. An operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application. The method is built on a Custom Resource and an application or ‘operator’ that manages the lifecycle of that resource. In this talk we look at some of the challenges in building an operator and how Scala and Scala based frameworks can be used to address those challenges. About Peter:Peter spends his days coding and building systems and trying his best not to mess up too often. In his spare time you will probably find geeking out, being a Dad, or enjoying the outdoors. He works for Zalando, an online fashion retailer, where he is currently focused on building ML infrastructure. # Incremental purity – transitioning systems to functional programming principles In the light of the hard work performed by countless people in the open-source Scala community, including creators and contributors of cats-effect, fs2, scalaz-zio and alike, there’s been an influx of the language’s users who want to take part in the journey to purely functional programming in Scala. Sometimes, though, it might not be as straightforward to apply the newly gained knowledge as we wish, especially in existing, mission-critical production systems. In this talk, I want to exhibit the typical obstacles one can encounter when trying to make their application code pure, ways to overcome these obstacles, as well as some mistakes and “gotchas” frequently confronted. About Jakub:Jakub is a young Scala hAkker who spends his days breaking code, running and lifting in the late evenings. In his free time, if he has any, Jakub explores his other interests, which include coffee, playing bass and watching outstanding TV series. He works at Ocado Technology, where he develops the software for the world’s most advanced warehouses, powered by functional programming and distributed systems. Interested in giving a talk? Reach out to us on As always, please make sure to be at the venue no later than 7pm, as it is very disruptive for the presenters when people are arriving late. Thanks!

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