Oracle’s Matthew Gilliard – Containers and Serverless

When: 20180726

Where: - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street

REGISTER AT: Containers and ServerlessContainers are fast becoming the de-facto way to deploy stuff in the cloud, and Java apps are no different. They bring a lot of benefit around standardised packaging and interfaces, but there are some differences from traditional deployments which we ought to be aware of. This talk will demystify container tech, introduce some of the things you can do to make your Java apps behave well in containers, and go into details about what the JVM does for you. Then we’ll see how Java is (and isn’t) suitable for serverless applications. It’s a fact that Java adoption in serverless is low compared to the overall server app landscape. By showing examples using Fn Project – a container-based serverless compute platform – I’ll make the case that support is improving and Java adoption in serverless should be getting stronger and stronger. You can expect several live demos, which provide the thrilling risk of glory or embarrassing failure – and if you’re using Docker with Java there should be some useful tips you can use right away. . This is a deep talk in two halves separated by BEERS & PIZZA COURTESY OF OUR FABULOUS DUBJUG PARTNERS About MatthewMatthew is a (somewhat) functional programmer who enjoys all kinds of language nerdery. . He currently works on open-source code at Oracle, helping to make Java in the cloud be as good as it can. If not there, you might find him at a local meetup, teaching kids to code, or away from computers hiking and running in Southwest England. . Past lives include OpenStacking, teaching English to high-schoolers and a whole lot of Clojure and Java. Find him on Twitter @RealMatthewGilliard

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