PHP Dublin Meetup

When: Thursday 11 August, 2016

Where: Dog Patch Labs -

What? PHP Dublin — August 2016 When? Thursday August 11th 2016 @ 7:00pm (Doors open 6:45pm) Where? Dogpatch Labs, The CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1 More Info! Microservices won’t improve your code quality Marco Troisi (from Bluefin Payment Systems) is giving a talk on Microservices, and how they’re not a silver bullet that will improve your codebase. He’ll offer some pragmatic advice on where they work and how to use them properly, a must see talk for software architects. Code smells, how to find problems in your code Carlos Mourullo (from p3 Technology) is giving a talk on code smells and how to spot design problems. He’ll give us an overview on how to spot bad code (“smells”) and some of the best practices for dealing with them. If you’re interested in code quality, this talk is for you.

What if I’m hungry and thirsty?We’ve got you sorted! Thanks to our sponsors StatCounter and, we’ll have beer and pizza for you on the night. I wanna talk!Great! We’d love to hear from you. If you have a talk you would like to give, please send us details. Doors open 6:45pm!