ProductTank Dublin June

When: Wednesday 21 June, 2017

Where: dogpatch - CHQ

ProductTank Dublin continues with another round of talks from members of our community. This time we’ll be focusing on users with Julian Becerra taking us through the practicalities of usability testing before Glen Holmes talks to us about how to apply behavioural theory to build better products.  We are kindly sponsored by Comtrade. ( ) Agenda 18:30 – Doors Open, food and drinks 19:00 – Talks and discussion 20:00 – Drinks and chance to chat Speakers: Julian  Q. Becerra – Director of Digital Strategy @ Graphic Mint Topic: Usability Testing and User Validation: Confirm product features & validate design decisions through usability testing with real users As Graphic Mint’s Director of Digital Strategy, Julian spearheads many UX and UI Design, Usability Testing and Training initiatives to help solidify and validate the ideas, processes and functionality of digital products and services with end-users. He has been strategising digital solutions with product managers for years, starting within the medical industry in Silicon Valley, California, and more recently in telecommunications, professional services and higher education in Ireland. Glen Holmes – Senior Product Manager @ Workday Topic: Applying the principles of behavioural economics to better build, price and message your products Behavioural economics has seen a surge in popularity of the past number of years. Thought leaders such as Daniel Kahneman, Nir Eyal, Stephen Dubner and Dan Ariely, amongst others, have provided us with fascinating insights into why people make decisions and what motivates them Glen will be discussing some of these principles and also looking at how we, as product managers, can leverage this thinking in order to build better, more engaging, products for our users. Glen Holmes is a Senior Product Manager in Workday. Glen started his career as a software developer and like many bad programmers became a Product Manager! He has been “working” in Product Management for almost 10 years across a number of industries such Financials, CRM, Life Insurance, Sales Methodology, and Integrations.