PyCon Ireland 2016

When: Saturday 05 November, 2016

Where: Radisson Blu Hotel - Golden Lane

Tickets:  Tickets are now for sale at . There is a limited number of Student Rate tickets available. Submitting a Talk : You can still submit a talk. Deadline is July 18th. To submit, go to Financial Aid : It is possible to apply for Financial Aid – again. go to the Python Ireland Website.

PyCon Ireland 2016 Python Ireland is pleased to announce its call for sponsors for the 7th annual Python Ireland Conference, PyConIE 2016, in Dublin the 5th and 6th of November. This year’s PyConIE, takes place in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin City Centre and consists of two days of talks, tutorials and workshops.  Following the conference is a day of technical sprints for open source software developers. The schedule for PyConIE 2016 will include over 30 talks and tutorials by leading local and international thought leaders from the Python open source community. Furthermore, following on from last year’s success, PyConIE will feature an exciting track focused on the use of Python in Big Data and Data Science.  Sponsorship contributes greatly to the success of the conference, and support from our sponsors in previous years ( has been greatly appreciated by our community and committee. For this year’s PyConIE our committee aims to increase the conference’s value for attendees and sponsors, by focusing on media coverage and continuing to build the profile of the conference.  Year on year PyCon has grown, starting at around 100 attendees up to an expected 400 attendees this year.