Serverless Deep Dive by Java Champion Bert Ertman

When: Tuesday 24 April, 2018

Where: - Next to The Palace Bar, Fleet Street

The second Dublin Java User Group event in April sees Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar and Duke’s Choice award Bert Ertman come to Dublin to share his deep-dive on Serverless. No server can be more easily managed than no server. Therefore: meet Serverless, a paradigm that truly approaches the Pay-as-You-Go philosophy once promised by the Cloud. In this deep dive Bert will explore the Serverless paradigm by diving into the Serverless manifesto first and by explaining the differences between Serverless, FaaS, and PaaS., and then looking at the different Cloud vendors and what they have to offer in the Serverless space. After the theoretical first part, Bert will start developing some functions with AWS Lambda, since it is, he says, by far the easiest entry point into the world of Serverless. Then he will take a step back to discuss how existing architectures (ie modern web applications) will be impacted. Where does it actually make sense to use this kind of technology and where doesn’t it. Finally Bert will end with a number of drawbacks to consider and to make it a balanced story of both pros and cons. Besides AWS Lambda, he’ll look at alternatives like Apache OpenWhisk and recently announced Project Fn as well. This talk thoroughly explores Serverless, its impact on existing architectures, and assesses it’s usability for Mobile Back-ends as a Service (MBaaS), Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) and for Microservices hosted in the cloud. Internet connectivity permitting, there will be lots of demos too.. REGISTRATION NOTES The Dublin Java User Group meetups are designed to enhance the knowledge of developers and technology professionals. Due to the overwhelming demand to attend our events they are always full so make sure you’re subscribed to the wait-list here to get the release notification of this and future Dublin Java User Group events. Better still, email [masked] and we’ll tell you how to become a coveted platinum member of the Ireland’s longest running and most respected Java User Group.