SRE Meet-up & Talks. January 17th

When: 20190117

Where: Squarespace Dublin - Le Pole House, 1st Floor, Ship Street Great, Dublin 8

Winter is the season of recovery and preparation. (And watching the site be crippled a storm of changes pushed before the change freeze takes hold…`) In the depths of January, why not break the post-Christmas malaise and come back to Squarespace for another evening of talks and camaraderie. Gather round the fire as we tell our tales. Our first talk will be Joe Hammerman will be breaking down the models for scaling databases, and the challenges of balancing durability, scalability, availability (and engineer sanity.) and our second talk… will be announced later. Joe Hammerman, Squarespace.’On The Kinds Of Uptime Worth Wanting’. Consistency, Durability, Scalability, and Availability and your data stores: a review of various distributed database topologies, and a discussion of what problems they are best suited to solve. Today’s SRE teams may find themselves afloat in a sea of acronyms and carefully worded promises when they consider how to scale their database layer without sacrificing critical uptime and consistency guarantees. Developed to provide a North Star for our own teams when they look at scaling any particular workflow. Registration: For capacity planning reasons, you must RSVP in order to attend, and you must have a valid photo ID. We’ll be accepting registrations until space fills. The event will be held on Thursday January 17th at Squarespace Dublin’s office which is located on Ship Street Great, Dublin 8. Doors open and food will be served at 6pm with the talks starting at 6.30pm. Call for presentations: Want to speak at a future event? Email [masked] with a proposed topic!