Workshop on the Statistical Analysis of Networks

When: 20180326

Where: Chaplins Bar - Hawkins St

Venue Capacity: 30 people The capacity of the venue is about 30 people but because of no-shows, we have a policy of first-come, first-served on the night in the event of the room filling up. Managing no-shows is a problem all Meetups have to deal with and this is the fairest method we can think of. While we have never been in a position to turn anyone away for capacity reasons, it is always a possibility, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment on the night. This is the first part of what I expect will be three workshops on the basics of the statistical analysis of network data. We hope to cover the basics of graph theory, how graph data is typically stored and used, and some quantitative summary statistics to describe graphs. I will be using the statistical programming language R for this workshop, and the use of the igraph library which does most of the graph processing. It is my understanding that NetworkX in python is similar, but I will not be covering that in detail. We discuss graph formation and its simulation, as well as discussing how we can fit existing graph data to models, assessing model fits. Finally, time permitting, we hope to discuss some other graph-related technologies such as Neo4J, OrientDB, NetworkX and a few other Open Source projects. *Please bring fully charged laptops and your own internet connectivity – tethering off a phone should be fine. Further details of software and libraries used will be provided closer to the time.*

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