Adventures and Analytics: Sofian’s Accenture Experience

Sofian is quite the globetrotter. Originally from Normandy in France, his passport has already accumulated plenty of stamps. He’s worked in the Czech Republic, Shanghai and Luxembourg, to name just a few.

Now he’s living in Ireland and working in Accenture’s new global centre for innovation, The Dock, where multidisciplinary teams investigate, imagine and bring new ideas to life.

Located in Dublin’s Silicon Docks, it’s an exciting workspace that boasts state of the art design and technology to enable for creativity, collaboration and, of course, fun.

Problem Solving

As part of the Analytics Team, Sofian was one of the first new joiners at The Dock in 2015. Prior to working in Ireland, he’d visited the country once before for a holiday.

He laughs: “At that time I didn’t know I would end up in working Dublin. I just came to see what was here.” It was only after he was contacted by a recruiter that he thought about making a move. He explains: “I was living in the Czech Republic and a recruiter contacted me. So I thought, ‘Ok, let’s give it a try’. When I came here I was one of the first employees, at The Dock, and now it’s growing so fast. It’s great.”

Something he enjoys about his role at The Dock is the opportunity to problem solve at such a high level. Sofian says: “I have the opportunity here to work with some very senior people on either the client side or inside the company. They tend to have a very specific idea of one problem they want to solve. They go to a conference where they meet a start-up or a research person and they say, ‘That’s what I want to do’”. Sofian also enjoys taking a project from ideation to reality. He says: “There are a lot of problems to solve. The work I do here is moving what’s in research into production.”

An Inspirational Tech Scene

Having lived in so many other cities, Sofian has a lot to compare Ireland to. And he’s found the tech scene here to be inspirational. He notes: “I think the environment in Dublin is really interesting in terms of IT. There’s a lot of big talent to motivate and push me forward and make me want to do things. And you don’t find that everywhere.”

Since the move, he’s been keeping busy by getting involved in Dublin’s thriving tech meetup scene.

He recalls: “At the start, I joined quite a lot of meetups. There are some good ones for tech, especially the Machine Learning and the Python one. There was also a great one for Elasticsearch that my friend organised.”

Keeping Active

Never one to rest on his laurels, Sofian spends his downtime adventuring around Ireland. He says: “I joined a rock climbing club recently and I also do all kinds of swimming, running and cycling.” He’s even braved a dip in the Atlantic ocean. He laughs: “I tried surfing in Sligo. It was cool –  the waves are big!”

Fancy an Adventure?

There are loads of exciting tech roles in Ireland just waiting to be filled. If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career then Ireland has everything you need to thrive, from world class tech and innovation, to friendly and welcoming people. Browse our latest jobs and start your next adventure today. Find out more about careers in The Dock today.