Exploring Kerry’s Tech Scene with César

It’s been two years since César packed up from Portugal to make the move to Ireland. At the time, the Portuguese economy was slowing so it was an opportune time for a change. César is now working as a software engineer in FEXCO, a financial technology company specialising in international payment solutions. He’s based in the company’s Co. Kerry headquarters. Kerry is home to some of the most archetypically beautiful Irish scenery – think postcard-perfect stone walls, misty fields and rugged cliffs. It’s the ideal place for anyone in love with nature and the outdoors. It’s an area which he explains: “is actually very similar” to his native Azores – “as green!”

Moving Over:

César’s route over to Ireland was certainly a scenic one. He and his wife decided to shun flying and do something a little different, “We drove here from Portugal. That’s not something you do every day,” he laughs. Instead of a three hour flight, they stretched it to a two day adventure. “We drove from Portugal to the North of Spain then took the boat to France. We drove through France then we took the ferry” he says. It was all smooth sailing once they arrived in Ireland and the company was very helpful with the transition. “FEXCO arranged initial accommodation for us while we found something more permanent. They were very helpful,” he says.

The Work

César is enjoying his time in Ireland and enjoys the work. “What piqued my interest was FEXCO’s Innovation Group. It’s a dedicated team of developers focusing on building solutions and technologies we feel our partners will need in the future, we’re anticipating their needs before they have them!” On the working environment, he says, “The company’s culture is friendly and it is a nice place to work but it is different to home. Different people, different language and a different business.” He’s enjoying the change. César says: “I’m on a much smaller team now which really suits me. So far it’s been a great experience, everything has been pretty perfect.”

The People

For César, the people are what make the place and he speaks very fondly of the team around him, he explains, “I really think the people in FEXCO are great to work with and certainly one of the company’s most important assets. When you’re dealing with the same people every day, in sometimes stressful conditions, a good team dynamic becomes really important. I think that makes a huge difference.”

There are a lot of job opportunities within the tech industry here.

Exciting Projects

In FEXCO, César has been working on the PrizeBonds project which he’s really enjoying. But his most exciting project so far has been the birth of his little boy. He says: “He was born over here, he’s ten  months old. It’s a good place for a family. We’re still learning and getting a routine! But it’s been good.” They enjoy getting out and about as a family to explore Kerry, he explains, “if you have a car you can go anywhere.”

Ireland’s Tech Scene

With nine out of ten global software companies based in Ireland, César was initially surprised by the size of the tech industry here, he notes: “There are a lot of companies for a country this size. There are a lot of job opportunities within the tech industry here.” When asked for his advice for anyone thinking of making the move to Ireland he says: “Give it a try!”

What to Expect in the Irish Tech Industry?

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