Fabio Reveals Why Dublin is Ideal for Tech Jobs

It was the promise of a higher salary coupled with the opportunity to work in a bustling tech sector that enticed Fabio to move to Dublin two and a half years ago. The 32-year-old Team Leader works for Version 1 – an Irish tech company that provides IT solutions – and is confident he made the right decision. “Everything has fallen into place for me since I came here,” he enthuses. “There are so many jobs in the tech industry here, which has allowed me to choose the one that I wanted, as opposed to just accepting whatever I could find in Italy. It helped that I have good English. I’ve found it’s improved a lot since I came here too.”

Moving to Dublin for Tech Job Opportunities

With a host of tech companies based around Ireland, Fabio says the scene is vibrant. He explains: “The technology sector here is booming and not only are there plenty of jobs, there are a lot of Tech events taking place. I try to go to as many of them as I can especially the Microsoft ones, as I’m particularly interested in their programmes.” While his day job is based around tech, Fabio says he loves to learn more about the industry and new work in his downtime as well. “I generally find it’s easy to meet people with the same interests at these events. Most of the people I work with share the same interest in technology too,” he says. “I’ve made many good friends here. There is a good mix of different nationalities working in my office. They include people from Spain, Italy, France and Poland. As part of the international community here, we’ve all shared similar experiences and that has helped to bond us. But I also work with Irish people and they’ve become my friends too.”

Working in a Team

Originally from Naples, Fabio has a wealth of customer service experience to draw on for his role. While he works in tech now, he says: “My father ran a clothing shop, and as a little boy I used to help him, and that’s where I learnt my customer skills. My job is a little bit different than his, but I very much enjoy the interaction with customers looking for IT solutions now. You could call me a people person!”

I think Ireland offers the chance to save money. There is a good balance between what you earn and what you spend here.

Enjoying the Irish lifestyle

A team leader in his day-to-day role, Fabio says: “I make a much higher salary in Ireland than I ever did in Italy. As a result, even though some things like rent and eating out are more expensive, I think Ireland offers the chance to save money. There is a good balance between what you earn and what you spend here.“ Joined by his girlfriend after moving over, the couple are happily settled in Ireland. Fabio says: “We’re now married. She is finishing her Master’s degree in literature and languages and hopes to teach in the future. She loves the culture here too. At the weekend, we often go and explore the countryside. We’ve been to visit the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim. It’s good to get out into the fresh air.” He laughs: “Although sometimes we just want to put our feet up, relax and socialise at home.”

Accommodation in Dublin

Home for Fabio is now in Dublin’s Clontarf area. He says: “Probably the biggest challenge for me moving here was finding somewhere to live. In Italy, there are plenty of apartments and houses to rent but here it’s a little more challenging. Since coming here, I’ve bought a house in Clontarf, Co Dublin and we’re both really happy there. It looks like I am here indefinitely. I mean why would I leave when everything is going well? The weather is not perfect I agree, but when you have a good job, a nice house and your lifestyle is comfortable, you hardly even notice the rain!” he adds.

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