Transforming Tech: Why Maja’s At Home in Dublin

When Maja first came to Ireland seven years ago, she planned to stay for just a year and work in an IT job in Dublin. The then 23-year-old computer science graduate had been recruited by Microsoft while still at university in Belgrade, Serbia and offered a job in Dublin. “I knew very little about Ireland,” she says. “But I came over for the interview and spent a half day wandering around Dublin City. I liked it immediately. It had an energetic atmosphere and people seemed friendly. I decided to take the job for a year and see how it went.” Seven years later and she has no intention of ever leaving.

Working Life In Dublin

It helps of course that Maja loves her job. She worked with Microsoft for four years as a Software Engineer and is now in a similar role with HubSpot. “It’s a great working environment,” she says. “I work a reasonable amount of hours and never have to stay too late. My colleagues are from all over the world so it’s a lot of fun. What’s more – the company look after us. All of our meals are provided.” Even better, Maja – pronounced Maya – can wear what she wants to work. “I wear my jeans and my Converse runners into work – which means I don’t have to wear a pencil skirt and heels for 40 hours a week. It’s just a little thing, but it makes a difference!” she says.

Tech & IT Industry in Ireland

In the seven years since Maja first came here, she’s witnessed the tech industry grow. “When I first arrived, there were a few big international companies located here and just a couple of start-ups,” she explains. “Now it has completely changed and Ireland is the tech hub of Europe. Nearly all the big companies have offices here and there are tons of jobs. In fact, there are so many employment opportunities that my LinkedIn account is overflowing with job offers and the company I work for simply can’t find enough people with the correct skills.”

I absolutely love the Irish people. They were so welcoming to me when I first arrived.


Maja walking on Samuel Beckett bridge

Enjoying Life Outside the Office

The many tech-related events taking place here also interest her. “I go to events from time to time and it helps to keep me updated,” she says. “There’s a big tech community in Dublin these days.” When she’s not working, Maja makes the most of her new home. Favourite hobbies include travelling and spending time with friends and family. Having made many friends since coming here, it’s this more than anything that makes Ireland feel like home. “I absolutely love the Irish people,” she says. “They were so welcoming to me when I first arrived. I never felt like a foreigner.” She has met a couple of Serbian people too. “I now feel like part of the community here. I’m very settled,” she adds. “Hopefully, I will never leave Ireland.”

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