From the UK to Cork via California

It’s rare to be equally as passionate about the place you work and the place you live, but that’s what Steve has found working at Voxpro’s headquarters in Cork. Steve is originally from the UK, but before he came to work in Ireland he had been working for a large tech company in California for six years.

A real family man, Steve and his wife didn’t like being so far from their grandchildren back in the UK so they decided to move back to England. He explains: “We jumped on a plane and came back to the UK and after three months neither of us could handle it anymore. It didn’t seem right. It wasn’t home.” Steve decided to explore his options: “I’d read a lot about Ireland and how it was a bit more relaxed or fun than the UK. So, I came over here and interviewed for two roles. One was in Cork and I fell in love with Cork. It felt right.”

He’s now working as an IT administrator for Voxpro in Co. Cork, a job he loves. He says: “I love the international element and I love the fact that we’re supporting all these other global sites. We’re the headquarters and this is where it all started so I like that. It’s great you get to work with different people and cultures. It’s interesting.”

Quality of Life

Steve loves his new life in Cork so much that’s he convinced both his son-in-law, his daughters and his grandchildren to move over too. They all live close by and see each other often. He says: “I’m really excited for my family who are here because they’re in a good place. When we lived in America they couldn’t afford the lifestyle they wanted. Now they’ve come here they have their own house. My son in law is in Voxpro now too.” Another aspect of Irish life he enjoys is the weather, specifically Ireland’s mild climate. “The weather in Cali was far too hot,” he laughs.

Team Culture

Having worked in both the UK and the USA, Steve has noticed a few differences in the working culture. He explains: “In a lot of the places I’ve worked, you join a team and it’s not necessarily a team. People say, ‘Oh that’s my idea’ or ‘I do that’. I don’t know if it’s all of Cork or just Voxpro but we’re a team. If one of my colleagues has something to do I’ll stay with him and my manager stays too. It’s more of a team environment.” Steve says he enjoys working in such a friendly atmosphere: “I love the people. Everyone just gets on with everybody. It’s very multicultural now and there are people from all over the world living here. The environment is laid back but it’s nice.”

Never A Dull Moment

Steve enjoys spending his downtime exploring his new home and appreciates how close he is to everything. He explains: “The good thing about being here is that Cork City Centre is literally 15 mins away from where I live. And there’s never a dull moment in Cork. I’ve seen some of the best street artists in the world here. Some Saturday mornings we specifically go to see them.” Steve is also an avid fishing fan and is hoping to check out Ireland’s world class fishing. But his biggest passion is spending time with his grandkids. He gushes: “I love them more than anything on earth and that’s a good excuse to go to places more than you would.”

Interested in Moving to Ireland?

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