The Ukrainian Connection: Making the move to Limerick from Kiev

Ever wonder what it takes to set up home in a brand-new country? In the case of Svitlana, the bubbly Kiev native’s enthusiasm for her new base in Limerick has certainly helped her to put down roots. Inspired to move over last January, she says of the move: “Ireland has a really good reputation as a place to work and live and I really like it.”

From Kiev to the Shannon

Previously based in Kiev, the bustling capital city of the Ukraine, a desire to live in a more peaceful environment prompted her search. “In the Ukraine, we’re facing a lot of challenges. There is still a war going on in the eastern part of the country, and obviously that has a negative result on the economy and stability. It appears likely to continue, so I decided to find a job in another European country,” she says.

With her daughters currently studying in Poland, Svitlana approached the job search with her trademark optimism. And it’s paid off. Now part of the team in Dell in Limerick, she is passionate about her new environment.

“Ireland is a very stable place to work and to live. People with development skills are in demand and there are a lot of opportunities here,” she enthuses. “Better yet, the salaries are very good here compared to Eastern Europe. And I find that it’s a place that really welcomes and accepts people.”

Exploring Ireland

Accustomed to living in a bigger city, Svitlana is making the most of her access to the outdoors in her new home. “Kiev is a big city with over 4 million people, so it is a big change,” she explains. “But Ireland has a lot of beautiful countryside.” An avid roller-skater in the Ukraine, she’s swapped her skates for a bike in her new home. “I’ve started cycling actually,” she laughs, “and I love it. It’s a great way to see the countryside. For instance, there’s a beautiful natural park in Shannon and I love going there to explore it. And I’ve also started cycling for exercise. Just last week, I did a personal best in a cycle for Pieta House. I cycled 50 kilometres!”

Working in an Agile Environment

Part of a development team in Dell, the group work to an Agile methodology. Svitlana says that the process is a really interesting one to work within. She notes: “My role is to handle any defects, user’s stories and to develop the smallest incremental functionality of the product. But working within this framework means we are empowered to take control of the work process, ask for help from one another and have a lot of communication about each task of the project.”

She adds: “Everyone is very collaborative and helpful, which I really enjoy! There are so many people working here from all over the world, so it’s a very friendly place to work.”

Setting up Home

Due to celebrate her one-year anniversary in Ireland, Svitlana has no plans to return home yet and is eager for her daughters to make the move as well. For anyone planning on moving over, she offers this advice: “It can be a challenge to find somewhere to rent in Ireland when you are living abroad. I would advise anyone moving over to come here first and get temporary accommodation, and then ask around for the best way to find somewhere to rent. When I came first, I stayed with a B&B host and she was so lovely and helpful. She showed me where everything was, from the local bank to the hospital, and helped me find somewhere to rent permanently.”

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