Developing a Global Network with GDG Dublin

Curious about the possibilities offered by Google platforms for developers? Ever wish for a tool to help you test applications on Google Cloud? Then read on, as we bring you through some of the innovative work and learnings shared at the recent GDG meet-up in Dublin.

An Evening of Sharing Knowledge and Pizza!

A strictly informal affair, pizzas and treats were on the menu ahead of the evening’s roster of talks. One of three GDG groups across the island of Ireland, it’s a popular affair. With over 75 developers in attendance, organiser Raphael, explains: “Google Developer Groups are run by volunteers all over the world, we have maybe 500 groups globally. And here in Ireland, we have one in Dublin, one in Galway and one in Belfast. It’s organised by developers who use Google technology to develop projects online.”

With a host of meet-up events happening across the country each week, it’s clear that the GDG Group boasts a vibrant network. And Raphael says it’s key to be part of the wider community.

“There are many events every day in Dublin and this one is part of the tech community as well. We have about 1,000 members on our mailing lists and from time to time, we have people who are in groups in other parts in the world who come and visit us,” he explains. So popular are the events, in fact, that occasionally visitors from further afield are inspired to pop in.

Raphael says: “For instance, we have a member of GDG in India who is talking tonight and we had an organiser from the GDG group in China who visited recently. We’re like a big family globally and we’re also part of the Dublin tech scene as well, which is great.”

Building Tools for Google Platforms

One of the popular speakers on the night, Ricardo – who works as the principal software engineer for Udemy for Business – shared learnings from his experience of testing applications on Google platforms. Originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Ricardo explains: “I’m talking about a tool to write automated tests for applications that run on the Google cloud platform. I built this tool to help people test projects and I’m hoping that there are people here who might use it as well.”

Prompted to move to Ireland earlier this year, he’s excited about the scale of the industry here. “It’s an impressively large tech scene.” He laughs: “I never tried working in anything else! There are always new and interesting problems and it’s a good challenge to express that in a very precise way.

Along with Ricardo and Raphael, performance engineer Joana shared her thoughts on testing platforms on the night.

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